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The Decision Lens Story

Our mission is to improve how organizations prioritize and execute critical decisions.

Meet the Founders

Decision Lens was founded in 2002 by John and Daniel Saaty with the intention to improve the way organizations make their most critical decisions. The company’s name derives from the idea that more focus needs to be on the decision itself. The brothers’ concept for the organization originated from a desire for more widespread application of the work of their father, Dr. Thomas Saaty, a world-renowned mathematician.

Our History

Dr. Thomas Saaty developed the underlying theory on which Decision Lens software was developed. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a theory that enables people to prioritize and evaluate seemingly impossible to quantify, subjective, intangible items. First developed in the 1970s, AHP represents an accurate approach for quantifying the weights of decision criteria.

Decision Lens Today

Decision Lens combines a rich user interface with a web service API to deliver powerful decision process technology and a first-rate user experience via a distributed platform. The product enables participants and facilitators to contribute remotely to decision processes from anywhere in the world.

Our customers and their uses of Decision Lens range across a broad spectrum. Our clients range from top-tier Federal agencies such as the Joint Staff, Department of Homeland Security, FAA, and USDA; State and Local Government agencies including State of Washington OCIO, Texas Department of Transportation, Utah Department of Transportation; to well-recognized commercial customers including Boeing, Agilent Technologies, and others. We seek to make the complex simple, and this is shown in every aspect of how the business is driven, from the design of the products, to the pricing, to our values, to the way that we communicate internally.

Our Vision

Simplicity provides clarity and value. Building upon our experiences with AHP, we continue to innovate ways for organizations to quantify and qualify their tangible and intangible assets to make the most informed decisions. We continue delivering ways to simplify and expedite the decision-making process, we also help organizations to forecast the outcomes of multiple scenarios and pivot quickly to new directions when conditions change so that they can make the best use of their resources to strategically achieve their short-and-long term goals.

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