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April 3, 2010


Arlington, Virginia— Decision Lens has been awarded a contract by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) to provide software and services for a pilot program that will examine how best to guide investments across their various districts that not only meet local needs but also align to Minnesota's 20-year statewide investment plan. 

Mn/DOT was created in 1976 to assume the activities of the former Departments of Aeronautics and of Highways and the transportation-related sections of the State Planning Agency and of the Public Service Department. Today, Mn/DOT is Minnesota's principal agency to develop, implement, administer, consolidate and coordinate state transportation policies, plans and programs for aeronautics, highways, motor carriers, ports, public transit and railroads.

"Evaluating priorities across Mn/DOT's districts is a complex task," explained Decision Lens CEO John Saaty. "Each district must consider political implications for stakeholders such as local government, tribes, legal compliance projects, and political earmarks on issues from bridge repair, road condition, impact on safety, and economic development impact." 

Decision Lens began supporting Mn/DOT by developing a district-level framework for prioritizing initiatives, facilitating criteria weighting, and the evaluating of individual projects. Now Decision Lens working with both district and state-level representatives to design a prioritization framework that could be applied state-wide and achieve Minnesota's goal of greater transparency into the spending of public funds on their transportation system.

Besides Mn/DOT, Decision Lens software is used widely throughout state and federal government agencies and across the Intelligence Community, with clients including the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the US Navy, the Joint Staff and CENTCOM. Decision Lens also serves numerous well-known national and international commercial clients including Siemens, Johnson and Johnson, Corporate Executive Board, and the NFL, among other organizations.

About Decision Lens

Decision Lens develops progressive decision-making software solutions that enable organizations to make complex decisions more effectively and efficiently. Our collaborative software platform structures decisions, quantifies intangible factors, and evaluates choices that help organizations reach their goals. Decision Lens improves the speed and quality of decision making, maximizes returns, and provides accountability and transparency for how decisions are made.

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