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The Money to Meet the Mission

Decision Lens is a FedRAMP certified, SBIR award-winning, planning software which automates the prioritization, resource allocation, and budget planning activities throughout the year. Use cases include: 

Aggregate, apply criteria and ratings against requirements to understand how their out-year plan aligns to mission strategy and organizational objectives
Budget Formulation   
Integrated, continuous planning solution supporting the aggregation, development, analysis and formulation of all relevant requirements.
Unfunded Requirements   
Intake, prioritize and obligate unfunded requirements on an ongoing basis.
Spend Plan Tracking   
Develop a proactive fiscal strategy to develop more dynamic spend plans and obligating funds


Secure Intake for UFR Army

Automated, Secure Intake

Custom intake forms with unique submission links makes it easy to gather, manage, and collaborate with stakeholders for maximum growth and output.

Decision Lens is Level 4 FedRAMP Certified

UFR Unfunded Requirements Screenshot

Unfunded Requirements Prioritization

By having a collectively prioritized requirements list, it’s easy to quickly know what to fund next when budget becomes available.

View our Webinar "How (and why) to automate your UFR Process"

Obligation Tracking Screenshot

Total Obligation Tracking

Immediately know the schedule and status of your spend (and if and when you have any available funding) by having one holistic budget and execution view.

Read how TRADOC Fires Found Mission Funding Success with Decision Lens

DoD Unfunded Requirements Strategy

Strategy Navigator

A "what-if" sandbox for you to explore the best strategic options possible for your portfolio plan. Side-by-side scenario comparison features enable you to see the trade-off and ripple effects of each option.

Transparent Planning Screenshot

Transparent PPBE Planning

Decision Lens enables full transparency and auditability, is collaborative and inclusive, and encourages positive stewardship of US taxpayer dollars.

Automated UFR and PPBE Processes

Automated Processes

Automated, repeatable, and scalable budgeting and execution ecosystems are not only cost effective, but also enable financial managers to gain more agility in funding analysis and scope.

Learn more about how we automate the PPBE Process.

Our Customers

Air Mobility Command logo.svg
Air Mobility Command Our primary sponsor for the SBIR Phase II contract, AMC, is beginning to use Decision Lens for resource scheduling (AMC A9)and the prioritization of all budget requirements (AMC FM).
TRADOC US Army Training and Doctrine Command uses Decision Lens (among other things) for building the execution plan. Their G8 uses Decision Lens for prioritizing their mission capabilities, for requirements gathering, and for a roll up of their UFR prioritization. Their Centers of Excellence use Decision Lens to formulate a defensible budget.
316th wing logo - transparent background
316th Wing Formerly the 11th Wing, the 316th is using Decision Lens to prioritize programs and tasks in an effort to remove tasks not aligned with the Commander’s intent. They anticipate a 20% reduction in tasks over the next year by prioritizing tasks based on the lines of effort and removing or reducing the time spent to low priority tasks.

Maximize the allocation of resources to avoid or navigate any impending funding "crisis".
Automate analysis, with easy to understand options and tradeoffs
Reduce redundancies and bureaucracy with data driven recommendations
Pivot funding with administrative changes

Strengthen and streamline existing systems and processes in the office or out in the field.
Manage data as a collective group with easy to use edit logs
Great for dispersed teams and teleworking structures
FedRAMP Level 4 Certification security measures ensure there's nothing to worry about

Get rid of error prone spreadsheets that are scattered all over the place, and put an end to estimate "ball parking" during Acquisitions.

Use historical data for more accurate predictions
Enable current Actuals tracking for more effective spend, even across different colors of money
Quickly identify available resources and align them to a prioritized UFR list

Budget 2.0 Software to Meet Your Mission

With Decision Lens, you can automate spend plans to fund the requirements which achieve your goals.

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