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When You Need to Do More with Less

Decision Lens solutions can identify overtaxed resources in your portfolio, delivering actionable options to alleviate resource bottlenecks in real time.

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Factor in last-minute changes, explore optimal portfolio options and increase throughput.

Discover the potential of up to doubling the amount of projects you’re able to accomplish by balancing your resources and accounting for last-minute changes. WIth Decision Lens, you will know what projects provide the greatest value with available limited resources by comparing scenarios and deciding which is best for your organization.

Identify Resource Bottlenecks Our algorithm that displays how overtaxed your resources (including people, equipment, etc) are and then suggest options to alleviate the bottlenecks.
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Eliminate Redundancy Don’t duplicate your efforts. Our algorithms can highlight where similar projects or IT solutions are to remove duplicative efforts or discover existing solutions.
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Boost Organization-Wide Communication Our software delivers data-backed insights and options, making it easier for CIOs to communicate to both leadership and the overall organization why they made particular decisions with their portfolio.
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Connect Your Data

Project data can quickly become disconnected, scattered, and outdated. With Decision Lens, your data is united and managed in real time.


Discover Actionable Insights

Due to massive volumes of data, manually generating portfolio options is limiting. Our algorithms create actionable options based directly on your limits and goals.


Adapt for the Best Outcome

Do you know how your strategic decisions, options, and tradeoffs fit together and impact your goals? With Decision Lens, you gain visibility into the entire portfolio for better planning and resourcing.

Take the Leap to Smarter Planning

Discover how with Decision Lens Accelerate resource planning solution, portfolios can be easily brought together and analyzed to inform your most challenging resource planning questions.

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