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Getting to the why, when and how of your organizational objectives

Why Decision Lens

Decision Lens is the leader in strategic planning for government, providing easy-to-use software solutions to take the guesswork out of mission critical enterprise planning, financial, IT and performance-related decisions.

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A Repeatable Planning Process Based On Identifying Value

Every organization can benefit from a clear and well understood definition of what they are trying to achieve, and a means of articulating exactly how strategies align with or support those objectives. The best process for decision making helps you respond quickly and effectively to an evolving landscape. Adjusting your perspective or correcting course should not require a complete restart of the decision process, but rather provide an opportunity to utilize what has already been done and understood to address new circumstances and insights. By ensuring that decisions are made collaboratively and are transparently reflecting the needs and wants of key stakeholders, more successful outcomes are possible for every part of the organization.

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Manage Competing Priorities

Decision Lens offers a decision support solution that helps you rationalize project prioritization decisions. Our solution replaces unstructured, freewheeling debate and political pressure with a systematic prioritization methodology that improves collaboration with stakeholders to gain their collective buy-in. Based on sound data and reliable analytics, the Decision Lens framework makes explaining, supporting and defending your decisions to executives whose projects are not chosen rational and transparent.

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Resource Allocation

Maximize Limited Resources and Allocate Every Dollar

It’s rare that organizations have enough of everything to go around. This could be money, time, people or any other resources that limit your ability to execute everything on your organizations needs list. So how can you deliver the most value with what you have? Where is the greatest ‘bang for your buck’? Understanding what provides the greatest value for the limited resources available is key to making the best use of what you have and builds a better portfolio. Quickly build any cost and resource scenario, compare the overall value of each, and decide which is best for your organization.

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