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Less Risk, More Reward in Federal Planning

Decision Lens is uniquely qualified to help establish validity and buy-in for decisions by presenting a transparent, collaborative, and rational way for federal budgeting officers to weigh alternatives and decide how to fund them.

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Leverage Automation and Data Driven Insights

Decision Lens helps you align resources to achieve mission critical objectives. Our platform gives you transparency into the trade-off process and helps you create a plan that evolves with your agency. Leading Civilian and Defense Agencies utilizing Decision Lens are able to prioritize and have full visibility into all resources.


DoD & Intel

Drive modernization through better portfolio planning and budgeting. With our solutions, you can make the most out of every Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) dollar. Plus, with our investment visualization tools, you can defend and rate Unfunded Requirements (UFRs) for agency success.


Key Stakeholder Buy-In

Make clear, data-driven decisions faster and with more confidence. Quickly understand the impact of changes in priorities or resourcing on budgets, while organizing expert stakeholders and leadership from the start to increase buy-in.



Manage the lifecycle management of multiple facility maintenance. Our system enables you to analyze facility conditions, capacity, and mission dependency. We’ll ensure that all facility related decisions align with your strategic direction by streamlining the project selection and resource allocation process.

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Decision Lens ensures projects of the highest relative merit are consistently programmed, budgeted, and executed first.

Vice Admiral Adam M. Robinson | Surgeon General of the United States Navy

Vice Admiral Adam M. Robinson

Discover powerful resource allocation capabilities.

Decision Lens is the end-to-end software capability for prioritizing your highest value initiatives while allocating resources in an optimal way.

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