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Budget Planning & Strategic Execution

Decision Lens is uniquely qualified to help establish validity and buy-in for decisions by presenting a transparent, collaborative, and rational way to weigh alternatives and decide how to fund them.

Discover Smarter Planning

Leverage the advantages of automation and data driven insights.

Use resources in an effective way to reactively and strategically take down threats and protect the American DoD mission. With Decision Lens, you can establish dynamic processes, enable an enterprise view by aligning interests, assess investments against strategic objectives and allow for an acceptable pace of organizational change.

Align Stakeholders & Defend Decisions The decision process must start with aligning interests across the enterprise. With Decision Lens, you can foster better communication and gather stakeholder input with features designed to speed up progress.
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Meet Mission Directives Frame your investment priorities and react to the fiscal realities of a given time period, while meeting the specific requirements of your spending.
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Optimize Your Budget Spend For federal funding, every cent counts. With Decision Lens, you can provide a detailed justification for funding to avoid decision makers’ misjudgements of the importance of your program and reduction of its funds.
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Deliver a data-driven, mission and performance-based portfolio.

Drive modernization through better portfolio planning and budgeting.


  • Clearly select and visualize which investments best drive modernization and why
  • Make the most out of every Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) dollar
  • Defend and rate Unfunded Requirements (UFRs) for agency success

Reduce risk and improve outcomes through transparency and optimization.

Leading Civilian agencies use Decision Lens to establish priorities and perform resourcing tradeoffs, plus: 


  • Organize expert stakeholders and leadership from the start to increase buy-in
  • Quickly understand the impact of changes in priorities or resourcing on budgets
  • Make clear, data-driven decisions faster and with more confidence



Organize expert stakeholders and leadership from the start to increase buy-in

Engage all stakeholders in a transparent and more efficient planning process, plus: 


  • Reduce risk and improve mission outcomes through collaboration and transparency
  • Rationalize project prioritization decisions with a framework that makes explaining, supporting and defending your decisions logical and transparent.
  • Easily communicate key trade-offs and allocation decisions through scenario-based planning


Rapid Planning Methodology for PPBE

Discover how the inclusion of organizing principles and modern decision-making tools will help your budget planning and strategic execution.

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