Integrated Planning

for Defense and Intel

It's Time to Modernize Your Process

Bring together Operations, IT, Infrastructure, S&T and other portfolio funding decisions into one unified view.
Balance priorities across investment classes using a smart, priority-based decision framework.
Align gaps and capability priorities to the most effective solutions. 
Enable a distributed data management process to engage geographically dispersed stakeholders in updating data to create continuity. 
Quickly align with your spreadsheet-based process and migrate the data into a sheet based distributed and continuous system for data management. 
Make value-based decisions across portfolios using criteria defining the benefits, costs, risks and proper portfolio balance.

Current State in Many DOD Organizations

  • Simple rankings when merged don’t effectively describe military value of investments
  • It is challenging to bring together siloed portfolios
  • Data is often painfully managed through spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentations and lacks continuity
  • Data Visualization is usually static
  • Continuous data management is disjointed

How Decision Lens Helps

  • Rapidly configure the data structure(s) and criteria for effective value-driven planning
  • "Portfolio of portfolios" integration views enable combining data across siloes
  • Built with a REST API to make connection to existing systems a breeze
  • Dynamic Visualizations enable “what-if” drills to get to smart decisions faster
  • Easily drill down from multi-year plans to annual plans to monthly execution

Decision Lens Software Supports a Variety of Integrated Planning Decisions

  • Mission and Capability Prioritization
  • Capability Gap Analysis
  • Requirements and Solutions Data Capture
  • Solutions Prioritization
  • Financial and Human Resource Allocation Excursions (Buy down risk and meet priorities)
  • Budget Execution
Organizations like the Air Force, TRADOC, OSD Defense Human Resources Activity, Joint Staff, Customs and Border Protection, the Federal Aviation Administration and many other federal agencies use Decision Lens to prioritize initiatives and create budget allocation scenarios to support smarter executive decision making for integrated planning.
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