Infrastructure Planning

for Defense and Intel

It's Time to Upgrade Your Portfolio

Make agile, smart decisions using Decision Lens’ analytical dashboard to invest smartly to drive performance across asset classes
Combine value-based judgments with quantitative data to prioritize capital projects using a predictive, performance-based framework
Run dynamic “what-if" budget allocation scenarios for long-range, mid-range and short-range plans
Better understand the performance impact of adding a dollar or taking one away across asset classes
Dynamically update priorities to optimize on-going resource planning decisions
Prioritize MILCON, Base Operations and supply chain related investments to support value-based resource allocation

Current State in Many DOD Infrastructure Planning Organizations

  • DOD infrastructure is rapidly aging and not keeping up with evolving mission needs
  • Operational costs are increasing resulting in a squeeze on critical services for soldiers and their families.
  • Military Construction (MILCON) decision making lacks a performance/mission centric approach to valuing investments
  • Decision making boards are still lacking the right kind of measures to do smart performance=based tradeoffs across infrastructure asset classes

How Decision Lens Helps

  • Quickly frame a prioritization framework to assess investments
  • Connect to asset management systems to bring in data using Decision Len’s REST API
  • Quickly survey facility and mission experts on qualitative dimensions
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative measures into Decision Len’s Analytical Dashboard
  • Sequence Interdependent investments over a multi-year planning horizon
  • Optimize dollars to maximize the performance of investments across asset classes

Numerous DOD Agencies are Turning to Decision Lens for Infrastructure Planning

Decision Lens supports the Commander for Naval installations Command in prioritizing $19 Billion worth of MILCON investment needs annually. Army uses Decision Lens to prioritize Base Operational Investments including, Security, Recreation, Energy, Public Works and other investments to maintain the highest possible levels of readiness given available resources. OSD Defense Health Agency prioritizes all major military construction investments across the services to determine which hospitals to expand and renovated to most effectively support its health mission.
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