TBM Alignment

for Civilian Agencies

IT Strategy and Resource Planning + TBM

How do you select and plan IT investments today?

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Inability to Drive Informed Decisions

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How do you make investment trade-off decisions with business partners?

Can you quantify the value of IT projects?

Are projects aligned with the strategy of the business?

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Slow and Error Prone Process

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How quickly can you adjust plans when priorities change?

What is your process for managing plan risk and variance?

Does your process scale across cost centers, teams and versions?

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No Stakeholder Accountability

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Are Plans directly aligned to those accountable for executing the plan?

Do budget owners have the details needed to make informed decisions?

How are trade-offs decided and communicated across the team?

Current State in Many Civilian Agencies

  • Limited visibility into the strategic value of initiatives – making it impossible to analyze funding and resources
  • A need to identify and re-allocate redundant or inefficient projects for cost cutting and business transformation
  • Difficulty in consistently communicating value and strategic alignment of projects in order to hold people accountable

How Decision Lens and TBM Help

New Initiative Requests Collected

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  • Intake project requests and ideas from stakeholders
  • Collect all required business case data
  • Review and approve or return for revision


Project Ideas and Requests

Cost/Resource Details Completed

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  • Complete resource estimates for each project
  • Estimates for direct/indirect costs, H/W & S/W costs, OPEX & CAPEX
  • Resource capacity, cost towers, and budget structure


Detailed Project Proposals

Prioritization and Optimization

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  • Compare resource scenarios for optimal project mix
  • Prioritize projects that align with strategic goals
  • Identify and remove resource bottlenecks


Prioritized Project List,Optimized Project Plan

Funded Projects with Budgeted Plan

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  • Final IT Plan with budget and funded projects
  • Complete view of resources, costs, and capacity
  • Budget scenarios for all situations


Project Plan with Funded Projects

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