Science and Technology, Research Development and Innovation

for Civilian Agencies

It's Time to Innovate What You Invest In

Stop using spreadsheets and Powerpoints as the mechanism for managing R&D and Innovation
Rapidly create submission forms for requests for proposals enabled with document attachments for managing accompanying documentation
Engage distributed evaluators in assessing the merits of R&D Innovation proposals with simple web-based surveys
Track Innovation investment decisions as they matriculate through the technology readiness life cycle for better visibility
Communicate R&D investments to potential interested parties using a consistent, value-based system
Measure the effectiveness of investment decisions in delivering Innovation that is valuable to enabling current and future missions

Current State in Many Civilian Agencies

  • Calls for research proposals are done manually through email and MS Office documents
  • Funding decisions are often based on simple rankings versus smart, criteria-based assessments
  • Innovation is not effectively tracked at it matures and transitions or falls of the radar
  • There is no effective mechanism for requesting updates on investments to ensure they meet milestones and deliver valuable capabilities to support missions.

How Decision Lens Helps

  • Rapidly configure data structure for automated submission request
  • Track submissions and request revisions all through a centralized system
  • Distribute proposals for evaluation using web-based survey accessed through email link
  • Visualize the assessed value of R&D using a variety of criteria-based performance views
  • Track Innovation as it matures from basic research to mature technology and build up quantitative measures of performance

Decision Lens Software Supports a Variety of R&D Innovation Decisions

  • Capability Gap Analysis
  • Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)
  • Calls for Research- Broad Area Announcements (BAA)
  • Distributed proposal evaluation
  • Performance charts for communication about R&D to other funding sources/interested parties
Decision Lens works with organizations in the DOD, Intelligence Community, DHS, USDA and other Federal Agencies and Departments to support S&T related decisions.
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