Technology is Your Accelerator

February 19, 2016



It is safe to say that the title of this blog post will not be a surprise. Technology defines our daily lives — our medicine, governments, personal connections, and education. We carefully analyze and consider more efficient ways to achieve our goals. The majority of the time, we have technology to thank for improving our lives.

Creating a more cohesive technology plan for your business is equally as important. Technology adoption is paramount to the success of your business — however, I am learning more and more that it may not always be the obvious first step.

When recently reading Raising Your Digital IQ  it was clear that the idea of technology as a business accelerator isn’t a new concept or complicated to understand.

It’s relatively easy to understand the specifics of any technological advance. It’s much harder, and more crucial, to use that technology to make your company stronger — especially in a way that nobody else can copy. When you link your technology investments with your enterprise strategy, you get far more out of those investments.

When technology adoption is ignored or put off for months, the innovation capabilities of the organization suffer.

The article emphasized that a strategic digital technology plan could thrive with the encouragement and guidance by leadership and a willingness to make digital and technology advancements a priority. Without either of those two concepts you might as well stick to the status quo.

Take some time to really define your competitive advantage. Then ask yourself, “what technologies does my business need the most?”

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