Do You Know What Your Project Portfolio Is Really Trying To Tell You?

11 minute read |
September 25, 2019
  Written by Bill Adams       Amid this current Data Revolution, tech solutions are bursting out of the woodwork, trying to manage the massive amount of project...

6 Benefits of Online Learning

5 minute read |
September 15, 2019
  Written by Katie Howell         You've probably heard the advice that in order to be successful you have to "show up". But what does that mean in today's...

To enhance strategic discipline and effectiveness, increase “strategy inclusivity”

3 minute read |
September 9, 2019
Organizations often generate Strategic Plans to communicate the leadership’s objectives for the coming year or to convey a new vision. While these documents are typically...

The Top 4 Challenges with Stakeholder Engagement

3 minute read |
August 12, 2019
Public sector planning is an art and a science. Part of the art is getting all the various stakeholders to effectively participate in the decision-making process. At...


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