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COVID-19: Why An Agile Planning Process Is More Important Than Ever

4 minute read |
March 18, 2020
      Written by John Saaty, CEO  

Customer Service Week Employee Recognition: Brent Peaden

6 minute read |
October 10, 2019
We're Still Celebrating National Customer Service Week! To round out our interviews for the week, we met with Brent Peaden, a Senior Advisor on our Customer Success team....

Customer Service Week Employee Recognition: Sandra Murillo

5 minute read |
October 9, 2019
National Customer Service Week Celebration Continues! Yesterday we highlighted the work of Analytics Advisor Marco Trigueros, in an insightful interview about the nuances...

Customer Service Week Employee Recognition: Marco Trigueros

4 minute read |
October 8, 2019
It's National Customer Service Week! Providing excellent customer service is something to strive for year round, but this week is an opportunity to celebrate the...

Do You Know What Your Project Portfolio Is Really Trying To Tell You?

11 minute read |
September 25, 2019
  Written by Bill Adams       Amid this current Data Revolution, tech solutions are bursting out of the woodwork, trying to manage the massive amount of project...


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