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Feature Spotlight – Negative Costs are Now Possible!

It is now easier than ever to specify costs for your alternatives and make use of our Suggest Schedule algorithm. Find and schedule your alternatives for the best bang for your buck. Until recently, you could only specify costs as positive quantities. For example, say a project costs $1M its first ...

The Summer 2016 Release is Live!

The Summer 2016 Release is live! With this release, Decision Lens makes data collection faster, increases transparency, and provides new analytics for deeper insights and better portfolio decisions.

Feature Spotlight: Value ROI

When making investment decisions, one of the most important factors is cost. If the cost is the leading criteria -- how you value that investment isn’t far behind in priority.  Within Decision Lens, users have the ability to see the ratio between the two in a manner that compares value to cost for ...

Feature Spotlight: Geo Map

Maps. Maps make everything better. Imagine the ability to see your entire global R&D portfolio on a map. Well, how would that help me? What if it was visualized based off of the project’s facility location? What about if it was by the region affected by that project. Imagine being able to send ...