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Feature Spotlight: What-If Scenario Planning

Oftentimes when planning your project pipelines you think your prioritizations are sound and you begin to feel safe. However, there are some instances where your organization needs to pivot and make adjustments to their valued criteria. This can then affect overall portfolio prioritization. ...

Got Blueprints?

Patch Release Notes are back with the latest and greatest developments, fixes, and new features! Here we go! First off, we have removed the Metric Time Period limit… well we extended it out 999 time periods. If you are optimizing and planning that far in the future, PLEASE call us! You are a ...

Patch Release Notes

We’re keeping you guys as up-to-date as possible with this week’s edition of “Patch Release Notes”. In an effort to make sure all of our users are kept in the loop with the latest Decision Lens features, we’re introducing a new blog series with today’s post being issue #1!

Product Release: A New Set of Features for the Summer

Happy day, happy day!!! New Decision Lens features are here today! Too much? Sorry, I just get really excited about the awesome work our developers do. You should be excited too because many of the new features are a direct result of the feedback and input that you provide. Bravo!

New Decision Lens Video: Making IT Portfolio Planning More Intelligent!

If our customers are telling us anything these days, it’s that the IT area is in MOST need for the solutions we offer for prioritization. Your budgets are definitely not getting any larger and your requests for new development and upkeep never stop coming. CIOs and EPMOs, more than ever before, are ...