Don’t get Spooked Creating Content This Halloween

October 28, 2015

Sometimes the task of generating fresh content can give you quite the fright. Whether it’s a presentation for a client or a paragraph for your webpage, even a simple company email, we all have to create content eventually. Don’t let the charge of coming up with something new leave you haunted.

Crafting content can be simple, especially if you follow these three steps. First, know your audience. Second, choose the right tone of voice. Third, be authentic.

1 – Is you audience interested in zombies or zoology? There are over 7 billion people on this planet, which ones are you writing for? What do they want to hear? This needs to be the first thing you consider before you even pick up a pen or plug in your keyboard. Your audience has to be at the front of every sentence you write. If you are writing to the wrong audience, your message will be lost.

2 – Tone matters, so be daring and brave in your writing. Ann Handley recently gave a presentation about being bold, not boring in your work. She stated, “tone of voice is your bravest, boldest asset”…so use it! Don’t hide in a pumpkin patch (okay, that one was a stretch). But be brave. Choose the right tone of voice for your audience and create a custom message for them.

3 – Show your audience you care about them by being authentic. Remember that your audience is filled with fun people just like you! Don’t try tricking them into anything, treat them to the truth and they will appreciate it that much more.

With all of these steps in mind, next time you are asked to write a brief paragraph for the team newsletter, don’t act like you’ve seen a ghost. Simply follow these three rules and you’ll be soaring on your broomstick in no time.