Portfolio and Budget Planning

Plan at the Speed of Business

Finally, portfolio and budget planning that is continuous, flexible, informed, and actionable.

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Balance Competing Demands

Dynamically align project investments and resources with organizational goals, in a collaborative environment. Uncover trade-offs and performance gains or losses between planning options, that are easily communicated to stakeholders.

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Smartly Navigate Disruptors

Become more proactive and less reactive. Build a living portfolio that can rapidly respond to change- but also flag bottlenecks and constraints before they become a real problem- with targeted recommendations and actionable insights.

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Stay Focused on Strategy

Spend less time managing data, hunting for options, and interpreting "insights". Use an adaptive planning solution that frees up time for what really matters: discussing and deciding what works best for your organization.

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Data Studio-2
Gain control of your data by managing it in one simple interface, with accessibility and edit permissions, as well as revision logs.
Recommendation Engine-1
Advanced algorithms discover and highlight your best possible portfolio level options, enabling nimble disruptor navigation and actionable insights.
Portfolio Rollup-1
Roll multiple portfolios up into one view for macro to micro perspectives of your resource allocation.
From bringing together your dispersed data from existing sources, to helping you flow seamlessly into the next stage in your project portfolio management process, our API driven architecture has you covered.