Put your goals at the center of the decision process

Decision Lens 3 rapidly engages decision-makers to achieve better outcomes in a resource constrained environment

Introducing the Fall 2014 Release
More visibility, insight, and control for all users

Bring together your best minds and information in one place.

Quickly engage key decision stakeholders in an organized decision framework

  • Host virtual decision meetings and manage permissions instantly during the session
  • Simplified interface allows voting participants to easily add input directly into the appropriate workspace 
  • Tile navigation and zoom controls allow for presentation flexibility

Create multiple scenarios with a dynamic decision canvas 

  • Leverage the expertise of past decisions with the use of Decision Blueprints
  • Save funding scenarios as resources increase and decrease
  • Adjust strategy and priorities to understand the key decision drivers for each tradeoff

Integrate existing data with stakeholder judgments for compelling visualizations 

  • Seamlessly import relevant data to accompany each decision
  • Develop multiple scenarios and immediately see what items are funded and what is not
  • The VROI chart depicts the highest value alternative with the lowest cost - to deliver the best bang for your buck